Wedding Fails

Myth HE IS UNAWARE – Insaine Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF moments

Myth got an Insaine Epic kill on … dakotaz got an Epic kill on …
and RakanooLive got an Epic kill on …

What is up guys back at it again with another Fortnite Funny Fortnite Fails and Fortnite Rage video for you! In this video of Fortnite Highlights we have featuring for you dakotaz and RakanooLive

Game of origin: Fortnite Battle Royale
Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments!
This video includes: streamers use gold ak,streamers use heavy ar,new ak,fortnite update,building nerfed,fortnite new heavy ar,streamers use new heavy ar,streamers react to heavy ar,streamers use new ak-47,gold ak-47 fortnite,fortnite building nerfed,building nerfed in fortnite,streamers react to building nerfed,fortnite ak back,gold ak fortnite,fortnite new,fortnite new ak,heavy ar,streamers,streamers react,heavy ar fortnite,new heavy ar,new update,fortnite momentsA few weeks back I sent an Email to Epic games asking for help with my graphics not rendering. Or epic games is too afraid to add new content to the game like cars or shield campfires random suggestions btw but the point is that they could add new items to battle lab for a few days like a test to see how every one likes ithe’s my personal candidate for a skin next to obvious ones like Lazarbeam, Sypher, honestly Smithplays would be dope too, it’d be the greatest way to honor some of these insanely dedicated people that spent tons of hours building fanbases and creating content, these are just some I watch but it’d be awesomeLazarbeam and Ninja say IT’S Over.. Ninja skin and emote coming soon. InTheLittleWood was accidentally shown the new Ninja skin back in October – this skin clearly has been in the works for some time! Khanada pops off against Clix, UnknownArmy1x and Benjyfishy Benjyfishy & I DOMINATE In Fortnite Box Fights + Clix & Unknown | Bugha
Clix, bugha, and mongraal all did this and now they’re superstars.Mongraal & Nickmercs team up and host the biggest 100 Player Skin & Emote Contest! Defaults Should Be Part Of The Icon Series Too For TFUE Tfue Has Had His Own Skin In The Game Since Season 0 And That’s The Default Skin Jonsey So Every Jonsey Skin Should Be In The Icon Series.UNKNOWN *DOMINATES* TFUE BUGHA & CLIX and WINS SOLO CASH CUP!

Myth 0:00 – 0:22

dakotaz 0:22 – 0:51

RakanooLive 0:51 – 1:20

Sceptic 1:20 – 1:49

Clix 1:49 – 2:18

Bugha 2:18 – 2:47

demisux 2:47 – 3:16

Sommerset 3:16 – 3:43

Al4nFN 3:43 – 4:12

sparkles_qt 4:12 – 4:30

AussieAntics 4:30 – 4:55

Ballatw 4:55 – 5:22

volx 5:22 – 5:51

Mastirias 5:51 – 6:18

LilPritz 6:18 – 6:47

kikikiana 6:47 – 7:14

ElizaNite 7:14 – 7:43

AngelBabyy 7:43 – 8:12

ijluke 8:12 – 8:41

trillsavagge 8:41 – 9:10

NME_crimpy 9:10 – 9:35

bluefire__youtube 9:35 – 10:04

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