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Bad Drivers Dashcam Compilation #292 – Road Rage, Close Calls and Scofflaws

Welcome to compilation #292 featuring the worst drivers of St Helena, Napa Valley California and beyond. See the driving fails, the road rage, the close calls, the utter stupidity, the horn honking, aggressive drivers, traffic cheaters and the roadway drama we have to put up with every day.

In this exciting episode, featured are the towns and cities of Napa, St Helena and Fairfield. We also featured the cities, states, countries and regions of South Carolina, Southern California, New Hampshire, Florida and Jerusalem Israel.

We start off with a major lawbreaker and careless lady breaking all kinds of rules in one move. She got honked at. Then an oblivious tourist holds up traffic while he drives slow and repeatedly stops because he’s lost. We also captured a jerk driver who thinks the laws don’t apply to him. He flips us off after we honk. On the freeway interstate, an extremely aggressive driver weaves in and out of lanes and passes illegally on the shoulder.

Some lady can’t keep track at a 4-way stop and gets beeped at. And then some utterly incompetent driver turns into a driveway on the wrong side toward the dash cammer. A selfish man in his giant pickup truck partially blocks a lane of a busy street to have a conversation. And then some stupid lady keeps pulling into our path. Yet another dumb lady stops in a straight lane to make an illegal U-turn. A limo driver pulls into traffic before it clears and obstructs it so he can cross the highway. An impatient driver goes head-on toward another driver freaking them out.

Some lunkhead lady felt entitled to stop in a red zone, and partially blocking the intersection, disrupting traffic movement. Then a real genius changes lanes into a lane that’s ending. We captured a traffic cheater doing their usual thing. Some very impatient guy makes an illegal pass. We captured a highway patrol police officer breaking the law. And then a distracted driver sitting at a green light. Some guy decides to jaywalk, stupidly, with his dog and run in front of a car who started moving.

In the submitted clips, there’s a very close call caused by a failure to yield. And then a child gets away from his parents and starts to run in front of a moving car. Some idiot on a bike is riding on the wrong side of a divided roadway and in the middle of lanes. An aggravating slow driver in SC gets passed. And then some reckless moron fails to yield and cuts off multiple vehicles. Then we have our usual cut offs. There was also a really severe red light runner. As we end the video, we feature some parking garage chaos, a driver blocking traffic and a cyclist arguing with an ignorant motorist. Enjoy the show!!




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