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Driving Fails and Road Rage | Idiot speeding motorcycle driver #drivingfails

This Road Rage educational video contains clips of a:
• Bad Driving: Cut off motorcycle on the highway 0:10
• Bad Driving: Light changed & the left-hand turner turned into the oncoming traffic & crashed his car 1:07
• Bad Driving: Left hand turn crash 1:20
• Bad Driving: Driving through the intersection crash 1:28
• Bad Driving: Dangerous speeding 1:39
• Bad Driving: Side swipe 1:55
• Bad Driving: Driving through the intersection crash 2:00
• Bad Driving: Merge traffic crash 2:01
• Bad Driving: Idiot driver 2:14
• Bad Driving: Idiot speeding motorcycle driver 2:32
• Bad Driving: Idiot changing lanes to get off the highway 2:45

Road Rage Fights | Who Is The Best Fighter?

Driving Fails & Bad Driving


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