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Russia: Watch the funny moments of Putin’s annual Direct Line Q&A session

Russian President Vladimir Putin answered some funny questions in Moscow, Thursday, that were handed it by Russian citizens.


Natalia Urieva, TV presenter (Russian): “We got a request from our viewer Elena. It is Elena who is writing to you. [Reads out the request]: Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich, I have no question but a big request to you. My friend has a birthday on April 25, she turns 40 years old. She wants so much to receive a dog as a gift. We as her friends are ready to buy this dog, but her husband does not let us do it. He is retired colonel and an ‘iron’ man like all of our valorous militaries. But he will not be able to say no to the Supreme Commander. Please, just tell him: ‘Boris, you are wrong, let your wife get a dog.’ We tried everything. The dreams have to come true.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia saying: “I don’t know what to say, you put me in a difficult position.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): “You know, I cannot order anything. Boris easily could answer me: ‘Sort out your own things at first,’ and he will be right.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): “We can just ask him and tell him: ‘Boris, please, be so kind and let your wife buy a dog.’ It is a kind thing and strengthens the family.”

Timofei Nalimovich (Russian): “My name is Timofei Nalimovich. I am from Nalchik, I am four years old. My childhood dream is to become a president. Is it difficult to become a president? How much hours do you sleep usually? I like to sleep very much. Thank you. ”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): “You can do it if you really want it taken into account your character and attitude. It is very good that you like to sleep. It means that you will be a healthy president.”

Maria Sittel, TV presenter (Russian): “Vladimir Vladimirovich, would you like to clone yourself? Or recruit a twin army? Because our government do not respect nobody except you.”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): “No! Done, I have already answered.”

Kirill Kleimenov, TV presenter (Russian): “Did you notice that your friends are exploiting your kindness?

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): “Why only friends? Everybody exploits my kindness.”

Maria Sittel asking (Russian): “Did you ever invite any foreign countries’ heads to visit a Russian banya [sauna]?”

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia (Russian): “Former German Chancellor Mr. Schroeder visited my residence many years ago and we went to the banya [sauna]. And it took fire. It is really true. And he had just poured himself a beer. I told him: ‘Gerhard, we have to get out of here now, there is a fire.’ He answered me: ‘Wait, please, I have to finish my beer and then we leave.’ I repeated: ‘Are you crazy, it is burning here, do you understand?’ But he finished his beer first. He is an insistent person.”

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